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Our Mission

At Everyday Epic, we are dedicated to helping fairs, live events, regional entertainment, and many more grow their brand and drive more revenue. Our founder has extensive experience in the theme park industry and is passionate about helping clients succeed. At EE we believe in the idea of building an epic experience will reap incredible revenue result and drive intent to return. 



Themed experiences is a really fun industry so we like to have fun too! 

Our Founder



Founder & CEO

Hi, It's awesome to meet you!  I could not be more exited to chat with you about your event, attraction, fair, or whatever you are bringing to life.   


Let me introduce myself...I have been in the theme park industry for over 20 years with some of the biggest companies in the world.  Over the years I have had the opportunity to run operations, drive strategy, create incredible experiences, bring entertainment offerings to life, and develop merchandise.  Throughout my career I have searched for ways to create epic experiences that drive incredible revenue and build insane profit.  


Everyday Epic started after a series of conversations with a friend that had many years in the fair business.  After listening intently and taking a crazy amount of notes I realized that I could lend my expertise to so many passionate people running fairs, farms, live events, and so many other really cool experiences.   The thought of helping people realize the full potential of their experience was so cool that I took the leap and started this epic company.  


Let's chat soon,  I can't wait to help!



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